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Our Physical Presence, Services and Products

The Natural Connection Wellness Center is located at 313 Fourth Street, Huntingdon, PA 16652.In 2008 HHWA purchased the building to create a place where members could share their love of healthy living and ways to benefit wellness and decrease physical suffering.  The idea was that if a common place was created and it could also offer spaces for those practicing health and wellness related trades - so many people could benefit. Low-cost professional offices would help wellness businesses get started and supply income to renovate the building and pay the bills. It has truly worked!  Today many people have been helped by the loving practitioners, members, and guests that offer services and outreach through the Wellness Center.

To date, many renovations to the building have been accomplished by the dedicated fundraising and physical commitment to these needed repairs and we are grateful to all who have helped over the years. While it has been a laborous journey, we know that in the long run it will all be worth the while and determination of those who have toiled over the years with fundraising, contractor relations, and budgeting.  Finally, we can start to see the light.  Our roof renovations were just completed and our emergency exit lighting is in under progress.  We still need to have the basement walls sealed from water infiltration and the ceiling of the garage area to be insulated for the tenant upstairs.  We are 100% full now for commercial rental rooms and still have openings for activities in the community space downstairs.  We are looking for a yoga instructor!  Aesthetically, future renovation goals include converting the garage space into a serving area for meals, renovating the breezeway to include expanding the bathroom for handicap access.


The building offers a central community room on the first floor is used for meetings, wellness offerings such as yoga, group Reiki offerings, relaxation workshops, counseling, drumming, sound therapy, dance fitness, etc. Offices for practitioners are located on the 2nd floor with a shared waiting room.

Products Offered through Members:

Essential Oils - Do-Terra - Greta Vogler - 814-330-0138

Essential Oils - Do-Terra - Joanie Yanusas - 814-777-0410

Essential Oils - Do-Terra - Linda Yuhnke - 814-643-2374

Nutrition - Juice Plus and Tower Gardens distributor; Blueming Gardens Farm - organic greens, eggs, and meat - Keppy Arnoldsen - 814-643-3565; www.blueminggardensfarm.com

Nutrition - Juice Plus and Tower Gardens - Lindsey Walls - 814-312-3065

Nutritional Products - Be Well Associates Holistic Nutrition - 814-234-0785 - Nutritional counseling, functional testing, and targeted diet and supplementation products to find the root causes of health problems and correct them. www.bewellassociates.com

Practitioners Services and Offerings:

Decongestive Therapy - Debra A. States, OTR/L, CLT, MFRP - 814-658-3498 - lymphedema and edema therapies; includes manual lymphatic drainage and a multi-layered professional wrapping procedure, core strengthening, medical massage, deep tissue and myofascial release - setats@hotmail.com - www.dstateslymphedema.com

Massage Therapy - Chrystal Spayd, Licensed Massage Therapist, Lic#MSG006074 - 814-643-0588; spaydx3@verizon.net

Massage Therapy - Jamie Isenberg, Licensed Massage Therapist, Lic#MSG003723 - 814-643-1779

Massage Therapy - Greta Vogler, Licensed Massage Therapist - 814-330-0138

Nutritional Counseling - Be Well Associates Holistic Nutrition - Monica Montag MA, HHP, CN and Angie Wallace, BN, NC are health detectives! 814-234-0785 - nutritional testing and products - monica@bewellassociates.com - www.bewellassociates.com

Psychology - Jennifer Hartey, Psy.D., Neuropsychology - phone: 860-335-4488; jhartey@hotmail.com

Reconnective Healing® - Crystal–Gail Connections, Crystal Long, RCP, 814-931-6155; and Gail Nale, RCP, 814-470-9739 - “Experience renewed physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being”

- Sarah Jefferson, LCSW, Reiki Master - Sarah is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), Reiki Master, and intuitive healer whose work is guided by a deep appreciation of the mind-body-spirit connection.  Her clinical practice at the Natural Connection Wellness Center includes work with children, adolescents, adults, and family systems in evaluating the impact of attachment, trauma, and physiological anxiety on mental health functioning, with the goal of facilitating emotional awareness and healing.  In her Reiki sessions, Sarah combines energy balancing and healing touch to help reduce stress levels, alleviate pain, and promote emotional release and detoxification of the body’s organs. Phone: 814-506-4955 - email: sarah.jefferson.lcsw@gmail.com

Reiki - Gail Schaeffer, Reiki Master - 814-667-3889 - gailschaeffer@outlook.com

Reiki and Zero Balancing - Linda Yunke - 814-643-2374; lyuhnke@yahoo.com

Psycology - Kristina Krohnemann, MSW, LCSW;  - 814-409-9616 - Individual, family, and couples counseling; "A pathway to peace and transformation..."

Spiritual Counseling - with Rev. Dana Jefferson, Ph.D.; Improve the flow of your life's journey using tools such as spiritual and shamanic counseling, hypnosis, Reiki, and Feng Shui; Call to learn more at 814-643-4260

Tai Chi - Phil Dunwoody, 814-599-6441; info@HuntingdonTaiChi.com; Tai Chi as both a wellness practice and a traditional Chinese martial art.

Yoga - Jen Champion, Certified and Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher, - 814-667-2097; jen@dancingearth.com; dancingearth.com

Zero Balancing - Gail Nale; gaillouise52@gmail.com